Difficult Women

Difficult Women

A comedy edutainment podcast created by Reformed Whores, a feminist musical comedy duo. Co-hosted by Marie Cecile Anderson and Katy Frame, these ”difficult women” hilariously attempt to educate, enlighten, and empower their listeners by discussing topics ranging from relationships to social issues, erectile dysfunction to gaslighting. Every episode will provide an alternate perspective to the traditional patriarchal viewpoint and bust a few guts in the process.

Recent Episodes

Make It Make Sense with Julie Rosing

May 10, 2022

Did you see this week's John Oliver on HBO!? If you did, you learned about the website And what luck! This week on Difficult Women, Katy and Marie sit down with actress, comedian, abortion rights activist, and …

Fighting for Bodily Autonomy w/ Barrie Kealoha

March 29, 2022

Do you really have control over your own body? On this week’s episode of Difficult Women, Katy and Marie talk with actor, singer, bilingual VO artist, Barrie Kealoha about her experiences with tubal ligation. We discuss how …

We Stand With Ukraine

March 1, 2022

War. What is it good for? On this week's episode of Difficult Women, Katy & Marie discuss Russia's invasion of Ukraine. What is going on there? Why is it happening? Who is suffering? Is a world without war even possible? Lis…

The Male Hormone Cycle

Feb. 22, 2022

Did you know that men can get hormonal too?? On this week's episode of Difficult Women, Katy and Marie talk about the male hormone cycles. When do men have their cycle? How do their hormones affect their mood? Is there such …

Wishing You A Spooky Valentine’s Day

Feb. 15, 2022

How was your Valentine's Day? On this week's episode of Difficult Women, Katy and Marie tell some hilariously horrifying tales of dates gone wrong. Get ready to scream along and listen to this spine chilling episode today!  …

Why Women Play Dumb?

Feb. 8, 2022

Have you ever played dumb? On this week's episode of Difficult Women, Katy and Marie talk about why women play dumb. They discuss research on the subject and explore their own experiences playing dumb for men and women. Take…

About the Hosts

Marie Cecile Anderson Profile Photo

Marie Cecile Anderson

Co-Host & Editor

After living in Brooklyn for the past 15 years, Marie Cecile Anderson is back in her hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. A true "Jane of all trades", Marie can do anything (or so she likes to think). Last year, Marie's hit single "Over It" topped the iTunes comedy charts, beating out Bo Burnham for the #1 comedy song (for a day). Also in 2021, Marie was nominated for "best actress" for the short film "Mom" which she wrote, filmed, and starred in for the Nashville 48 Hour Film Project. When she's not acting, writing, or singing, Marie produces and edits a variety of popular podcasts, such as The Oldest Profession Podcast and Good Inside with Dr. Becky.

Katy Frame Profile Photo

Katy Frame


Katy Frame is Brooklyn based performer and musician who has entertain audiences across the globe. She recently started her own freelance production company where she uses her directing, cinematography and editing skills paired with her performance experience to bring other people's creative projects to life.