Truly the best

I cannot get enough of these women! To say this is my favorite podcast is an understatement. These women are passionate, well-researched, smart, thoughtful, and receptive to ideas/conversations. I truly believe all people should be listening.

Funny intelligent podcast

Love these ladies. Super funny. Always great topics. Good insight into social issues of our day from a woman’s perspective.

Dear White Women episode

White woman here, saying, thank you for this episode!! So many insights and perspectives that I hadn’t fully considered. And this has given me confidence to navigate these tough conversations in my own social circles. Y’all are amazing. I know it isn’t easy to get uncomfortable, but for our sakes, I’m glad you did.

Hilarious, smart, fresh

These ladies are, first and foremost, part of an amazing band that I’ve seen in person. They are super creative and funny and this podcast is just what the doctor ordered in these pandemic times. I’ve been tuning in every week to hear how the ladies are coping in their individual situations and because they make me laugh and always manage to have a positive outlook on all that’s going on in the world. I enjoy every moment with Marie and Katie!

Great Honest Convo

I love the topics and transparency! These ladies are open and honest! Keep the hits coming!

Great podcast, great women!

I love Marie and Katy and I’m so glad they started this podcast! I love hearing their discussions; they are two smart, engaging, funny women!

Love the hosts!!!

Wonderful, funny, makes me proud to be a woman! All I want in a podcast!

Refreshing, real and radical

Everyone should hear this podcast. I started listening because of their band, the "Reforemed Whores", but these two have an awesome perspective on life in the modern world. They're funny, feisty and full of great insights. Loving every episode!!!

Honest, Factual, and Funny

This podcast is definitely my top 5. Every episode I learn something new and gain a little more confidence for just being me. I absolutely love this podcast.

Charming, uplifting, and very important

Katy and Marie are talented. They are already accomplished musicians and comedians. Lucky for us, we now all know that their talent extends to podcasting. They approach *difficult* and societally important topics with ease, charm, wisdom, and humor. They are accessible and relatable while being enteraining and inspiring. Y'all may not know it yet, but you need them in your lives!

The best

Listening to the body shaming episode and relating to everything being said. Marie, when you talk in the beginning of the episode about body image issues in high school and looking back as an’s just so sad and happens to most women (and men), at any size and shape. It’s helpful to hear you talk it all out and is so important. Thanks gals!

Funny and inspiring

Katie and Marie have uplifting and humorous conversations that make you feel like you’re chatting with friends.


Funny and enlightening!

Must listen!

These two keep cracking me up. Such an important podcast talking about serious issues while making you laugh. Also their song are amazing!

Fantastic funny podcast.

Fun and funny podcast Katy and Marie are a delightful duo. Much better than Cats I’m going to listen again and again!

Love it

I’ve been a fan of the Reformed Whores since their days at The Floating Kabarette in Brooklyn. This podcast is the perfect way to get a regular dose of their magic and learn more about what they go through as female artists in the comedy world. And hear what’s on their minds! Absolutely loving this.

Great listen!


Great Vibrating Unicorns of Fun

Do people look at you funny because of how you dress? Do you like Dinosaurs? Are you ready to fall head over heals for two of the most talented people in the World? Can you provide free vibrators for testing? If you answer yes to any of the above questions, I have got a podcast for you! Give the Reformed Whores a chance to change your life. You will not be disappointed. #Whoreo4Life

So good!

THIS is the best!! It’s funny, important and engaging. My new favorite podcast!

Love this podcast

I’ve seen the Reformed Whores a few times live in Charleston, SC and love their show. I was super excited when they announced they were starting a podcast and they did not disappoint. Extremely relevant to what it’s like to be a woman today but with a fun and humorous spin. I can only imagine that their podcast will get better with time!

What’s on their mind?

Whatever it is, they’ll tell you using honesty and humor. Interesting, insightful and insane!!!


Been a big fan of this comedy band for a long time. This podcast is just what I needed. Two funny and smart comedians talking trending issues in a way that easy to digest and never boring. Oh yea, did I mention they are HILARIOUS?


We need more podcasts like this!!!!!


Very funny, very smart

So good!

Marie and Katy are charming and smart. Can’t wait for more episodes!

Absolutely what we need to hear right now!!

So funny, mixes incisive wit with bold humor. I loved this podcast!!


Two whip-smart people who talk about important social issues that shouldn't be funny but they bring loads of humor and insight to everyhting they talk about.

Pure Genius

Don’t let the band name fool you, these two ladies are among the most talented, funny, empowering women you will ever have the pleasure of listening to. Their music is fresh, daring, and hilarious, and they bring that same energy to their new podcast “Difficult Women” As one of the original “Double Stuffed Whoreos”, I’ve been a fan from the beginning, and these two ladies are just getting started. These women stand their ground and create the art THEY conceptualize that brings inspiration, camaraderie, and a hell of a lot of laughs to so many, and we are forever grateful to them for it. So, sit back relax, and revel in the Gospel of the Whores!

Hilarious and relatable!

This is quickly becoming one of my favorite podcasts! I recommend you check it out!! ;)

A breathe of fresh air

This podcast is informative and hilarious. I love it.